Imagine deep-diving into what pleasure looks like for YOU, getting to know YOU better, and understanding how to awaken the inner goddess in you that's been sleeping. Imagine a 5-day, 4-night experience of pure bliss - and some really vulnerable moments - that you will emerge from feeling refreshed and EXCITED to start implementing more pleasure into your life.


Imagine waking up in a beautiful, stately room to the smell of breakfast being prepared for you by a chef brought in just for you.

Imagine the pleasure of the soft sheets, the murmur of your fellow retreat-attendees waking up and getting ready for an exciting day of getting to know each other in a luxurious environment where everything is centered around the very thing that makes the world go 'round: Pleasure.

This retreat, held in Sin City, Las Vegas (and you know what they say about that city), will THRILL and DELIGHT you to your very core. You and nine other beautiful souls will come together to truly discover what you've been missing your whole life: the art of daily pleasures.

...No more waking up and dreading the day - you've got things to look forward to now.

...No more walking around like a zombie, completing mindless tasks. You've got daily pleasurables to wake you up and excite you.

...No more laying in bed all day. This is YOUR life. YOU get to add pleasure to it -

The pleasure of enjoying new bedsheets, or a fresh candle scent, or a new hobby that you never thought you'd have a chance to pick up.

When you walk beside me through the INDULGE Experience, you will come away knowing that the ANSWER is always Pleasure... no matter what the question is.

Ready for some nitty-gritty details? Me too.

Here's what you get at INDULGE:

  • Luxurious accommodations in a private mansion with a pool in Las Vegas, NV (yes, it was Florida! But NV has more for us)
  • Delicious food and beverages specially curated, just for you, by an in-house personal chef!
  • Deep and Doable experiences and lessons, that will have you a little bit out of your comfort zone (in a good way) yet leaning in and ready for more!
  • A Pleasure Box experience like no other. Fill your own Pleasure Box with unique & exciting personalized choices!
  • An empowering boudoir session with a stylist and incredible photographer who will guide you through the process of learning to pose and reconnecting with your body. This includes 2 free photos and the option to purchase more.
  • More to be announced as we work with some fantastic vendors and individuals to amplify the experience.

Now, because it's still a little over six months away, we haven't nailed down the exact location yet, but you can book a call with Wendy right now to learn more and plan to attend this luxurious retreat.



Wendy Petties is a Psychologist and Pleasure Coach for women who are tired of navigating messy relationships. 

She helps women ditch the shame around taboo topics like sex and money, gain confidence and build self-reliance, and lead with their own values so they can have everything they truly desire. 

Her signature Sexy Money System and exciting Date Your Money experience have been a game changer for her clients who want to stop the cycle of the neverending struggle to change things they have been taught to just go along with. 

When on stage she enlightens her audiences about how to fall head-over-heels in love with your money and have it love you right back. Her advice has been featured in Next Advisor/Time, Fast Company, NBCLX, and Sisters in AARP.

When Wendy is not helping women build rich relationships with themselves, others and their money, she can be found barefoot, preferably on a beach, and eating bacon as often as she can.