Wendy Petties


Sex Educator


Relationship Coach

“Human Lie Detector”

Through her company Good Girls Do!, Wendy brings her unique comfort with and knowledge of sex and sexuality issues to everyone she works with. Her work centers on the belief that the quality of your sexual health directly impacts your life and the world. Wendy works with clients from all backgrounds and relationship styles but her specialty is in working with Black women much like herself.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior and People Dynamics, Coaching certifications from ICoach and Sexuality Training from various organizations where she was trained extensively about sexual health, human sexuality, anatomy and the importance of using only quality, luxury sex toys.

Her most popular programs are a Sexy Vision Board Class, Relationship School, Sex Ed and Real Talk Conversations.  She provides tools and solutions including “The ABC’s for Grown Folks”™ all while providing a fun, safe space to dig deep.

Wendy uses humor and wit to treat learning about our sexual hang-ups, unlearning the things about relationships we picked up along the way and exploring new growth & education as a natural, fun part of our everyday lives.

Wendy helps you to be more of yourself. Sometimes pushy, but always loving she helps her clients to be their best selves without shame, guilt or any other barriers to pleasure.

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